Postdoctoral regulations

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Postdoctoral regulations

Important notes about Postdoc fellowships:

Objectives and main galls to be achieved should include the following but are not limited to:

1) Consolidate the gained knowledge in the PhD research.

2) Augment the knowledge gained during the PhD and sharpen related gained skills.

3) Increase the number of publications.

4) Further joint research work and networking.

5) Further new research and funding opportunities.

6) Possible field implementation trials of the research results.

7) Possible transfer of knowledge using available facilities at home country.


To be eligible for the Postdoc grant the candidate must fulfil the following criteria:

1) The postdoc research should be based on the original PhD research but in a new dimension.

2) Must have worked after the PhD in the mother institution for a period at least six month and not more than 18 months.

3) The postdoc intended research must be a continuation of the original research but from a new perspective or dimension.

4) Must be in the same host institution where PhD was awarded and preferably with the same research group.

* Summary of the proposed postdoc research work (up to 4000 characters including spaces):

* Summary of the objectives and galls of the research and the fellowship (up to 4000 characters including spaces)

* Summary of the impact of the new dimension of the postdoc research on the public interest of host country, home country and human wellbeing, community welfare and science. (up to 4000 characters including spaces)

* Please disclose and conflict of interest and other ethical considerations related to the postdoc research conduction and its implementation, including funding and business relations if any.

* Please list offered support; financial and administrative commitments from the host institution:

* Please list needed commitments, financial and administrative commitments from the mother institution:

Please attach the following supportive documents:

1) Invitation letter from the host institution

2) Letter in support from the head of the department and the dean of your college

3) List of publications from the PhD research.

4) Short summary of the project but detailed plan of action; workplan

5) CV

6) Three referees; one from host and two mother institutions.