About UofK Electronic Site

The Digital content of the University of Khartoum Electronic Site
The digital content of the University of Khartoum site refers to all materials and contents intended for publication on the internet and internal networks, whether this content takes the textual form in its formulas, files or templates, and in its all classifications and knowledge contents (e.g. data, information, news, scientific letters, reports, electronic services and advertisements), or whether the materials take the audio-visual forms (e.g. diagrams, programems, sound clips video, photos, libraries and sites. More recently, there has been the addition of the relevant social content in the social sites and any other contents as falls in line with the editing and artistic standards and policies and the specified criteria of classification and publication.

The Importance of the Electronic Site of the University
The electronic site of the university institute can be regarded as an electronic virtual entity that is parallel and counterpart to the actual existing body. In that sense, the electronic site expresses and reflects on the latter in terms of conditions, policies and degree of development by providing thorough information. Currently, the site can be regarded as a pulpit for internationalization of the university institute and granting it its evaluative status in the international classifications of universities in the world.

The Management of the Electronic Site of the University
There are two overlapping and complementary aspects in the management of the electronic site of the University of Khartoum. The first is shouldered by the Digital Content Section in the Secretariat of Academic Affairs in accordance with the  aforementioned tasks and functions, while there are the tasks of the Digital Content Section as relates to the electronic site of the University, where it undertakes the following responsibilities.
1-    Editing and reviewing the texts on the main and other related sites.
2-    The supervision of the task of translating and any other issues connected to languages.
3-    Editing of all images, rich files and multi-media.
4-    Laying the policies concerning the content and the optimal use and the development thereof.
5-    Laying the policies for the publishing of news and advertisements.
6-    Preparing and distributing the evaluative indicators and reports about the digital content of the site among all the bodies of the university by the Secretariat of Academic Affairs.
7-    Taking the initiative and offering advice, directives and models that can have the effect of developing and enriching the digital content of the university to all the relevant university bodies by the Secretariat of Academic Affairs.
8-    Laying of plans and mechanisms of work and implementation in cooperation and integration between the Section and the Department of Information Network and Technology Administration regarding all issues relevant to the University site and pertinent to the two parties.
9-    Offering technical consultation regarding aspects of editing and connected to the content.
As for the Technical side of the electronic site, it is the responsibility of the Department of Information Network and Technology according to the following:
1-    Designing and developing the site according to need.
2-    Developing any external accompanying sites under the title http=11x.UofK.edu.
3-    Managing the main or secondary functions or any other functions added to the site software.
4-    Storing and protecting the site as well as the backups.
5-    Improving network connection and the internet speed and internal as well as eternal accessibility.
6-    Laying policies for the future technical and functional development of the site.
7-    Laying the technical policies for the images and multi-media.
8-    Providing consultations on any technical aspect related to the content.
9-    Providing training on both the use of electronic services and management of sites.
10-    Laying the policy for the pass work and its change.