Examination and Prizes Committee

A committee authorized by the senate, chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor with the membership of:

  1. Deputy Vice-Chancellor chairman
  2. Secretary of Academic Affairs repparteur
  3. Dean of Students' Affairs member
  4. Deputy Deans of Faculties for Academic Affairs members
  5. Director of the University Requirements Administration member
  6. Director of Admission and Registration Administration member

Duties and functions

1- To discuss and approve examination results and statistics for the final, substitute and supplementary examinations for all levels with the exclusion of the final level, and to scrutinize final level results prior to submission to the senate.
2- To discuss and approve the distinguished students' list designated for the university prize, any prize awarded by the faculty, the Department or specialty or prizes awarded by individuals and other institutions.

3- To consider student cases including giving exceptional external chances for students who have been dismissed on academic grounds to retake the examination, and also to consider cases of alleged violation of examination rules and regulations and to figure out suitable punitive judgments e.g. suspension for a definite period of time or final dismissal.
4- To revise admission, registration, and examination regulations and suggest pertinent amendments and corrections.